A New Body Kit For the Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Raptor is expecting to arrive in the market this January or February with its debut at the New York Auto Show. Despite all rumors and speculation, we still don’t know about the new Bronco’s features, although it seems quite interesting to us. Although almost nothing is confirmed about the forthcoming Ford Bronco other than the name, it is widely expected that it would launch with a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost and two twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 engines as its engines of choice.

ford bronco raptor


This combination of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and twin turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 has been dubbed as the “Subaru of Pickups” due to the combination of powerful engine’s performance and its low noise. The twin-turbocharged engines have also been developed keeping in mind the latest fuel efficiency improvements being made in the global market today.


The new Ford Bronco should also feature an aluminum body kit. These body kits have become very popular in the current market today as they are quite sleek, stylish and come with high resale values. With the use of aluminum body kits, Ford Bronco is expecting to gain a better image in the auto market in the coming years. The body kits, however, will not be replacing the traditional factory installed ones as some believe, but will act as a supplementary accessory to complement the performance of the car.


One of the most exciting aspects of the new Ford Bronco’s body kit is that it can be installed in an afternoon if the car owner is skilled with DIY (do it yourself). Since the kit can be easily installed, Ford Bronco’s owners can also enjoy its great looks and comfort without paying professional auto body installation costs.


Apart from the new body kit, Ford Bronco Raptor will also benefit from a number of updates and upgrades. Most of these upgrades include new suspension and an improved electric system. The upgraded suspension will help in giving the car more agility and handling, particularly in cornering. The electronic brake booster will further improve the car’s agility and handling and increase its stopping power.


Upgrades in the electric system to include the new system known as “Active MDC” which will offer up to five different driving modes. Some of the modes include Normal mode that allow the car to function like a standard passenger vehicle without the need for a hand-off, Rain mode that allows the driver to turn on the engine with the touch of a button, Off mode that turns off the engine without the driver having to touch it, and a Sport mode that allows the driver to take over the steering while leaving the engine to go straight into the throttle. Other changes in the system include the ability to adjust the temperature of the airbag and the seat heaters according to your preference and the option of including a Bluetooth adapter in the car.


The interior of the new Ford Bronco is also expected to undergo significant changes, with the first noticeable difference coming in the form of the dashboard. It is rumored to feature new materials and technology, including a new dashboard “pop-up” which will allow the driver to see what he’s driving through the panoramic view without the need to move from the driver’s seat.


The rooflines of the new Ford Bronco are also said to be improved by the addition of a larger “pop up” on the hood and a larger center console. A more aggressive front fascia is also said to be in the pipeline for the car, with a new bumper that features a more traditional and sporty look. All these upgrades should make the new Ford Bronco even more impressive than the older models, making it look like a much younger and more vibrant model of the current Ford Bronco.

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